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Private tutoring
The Institute has a wide network of mobile Creole teachers across Haiti, and private lessons can be arranged for students of all language levels. Upon request, we will provide a private instructor to anyone desiring to learn the language at work or at home. So you can learn Creole today, at your pace, with your own private teacher. Coursework and materials are designed especially for the student depending on their experience level, and learning goals. The cost for private lessons is $25 per hour. Text-books are additional. The more registered students we have for a private class, the less each student will pay per hour.
Our levels of proficiency
The International Haitian Creole Institute (IHCI) offers three levels of intensive tutoring for proficiency in Haitian Creole (beginner, intermediate and advanced) targeting international students or staff and aid workers, through group-class or private tutoring.
This level is intended to help participants to acquire beginning competency in listening, speaking, reading and writing Haitian Creole at a beginning level, while preparing them for conversational fluency with grammatical structures and phonetic techniques. During the first 15 sessions (of 2 hours each) we assist students in building a basic foundation of vocabulary and language structure enabling them to gain the confidence to master basic conversational skills.
Designed to students with some basic Creole, this level targets the world around the students by building on language fundamentals and conversational skills to help them share ideas, opinions, interests, and talk about everyday life. Students will develop intermediate conversation skills, which will enable them to gain basic insights into Haitian history, society, culture, and religion.
This is a level targeting students who want to achieve a higher degree of fluency and precision of vocabulary while enhancing their understanding of Haitian culture and history. Special terms and expressions will be used to facilitate a deeper understanding of Haitian language and culture that is directly related to their particular area of expertise. It introduce more complex translations and advanced grammar, enabling students to more completely understand and express nuanced thoughts and feelings. Activities engaging discussions on movies, drama and novels and songs will help students sharpen their written and oral proficiency.
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