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The Institute portal to continuous learning of the Haitian language and culture.
The Sixto Club is a Creole club that help former or current Creole learners to improve their communication skill by improving their Creole lexicon and syntax knowledge with a cultural insight in a no-pressure atmosphere.  It is almost like a typical toastmaster club, but in Creole. Members from 20 to 40 will meet bimonthly for a session that lasts 90 to 120 minutes.
2 Saturdays every month, students gather at the institute to keep their language learning current. Similar to toast-masters students will practice public-speaking in Creole on various subjects, lead discussions and animate group interaction. Following each presentation, students and instructors will provide feedback, and make corrections thus enabling each student to grow in capacity. From time to time guest speakers or other lectures will be presented.
The $50 annual fee for membership is a valuable investment for 2 Saturdays every month, where students gather to keep their language learning current. The Sixto Club is a more relaxed learning environment, and features participation in and discussion of various cultural activities, Haitian films and music, Creole literature, etc. As well, each club session provides a mini-grammar review, and some specialized, advanced vocabulary. It also gives language learners a chance to practice their Creole with other students from various levels of experience.
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