The CREOLE INSTITUTE has network of professional translators based in Haiti.  It also has affiliated translators in Asia, Europe and America. Among our satisfied clients are Embassies, Christian missions, Non Governmental Organizations, businessmen and applicants to overseas universities. We also provide interpreters/translators on-call for foreigners (journalists, lawyers, and congressmen) who are in Haiti temporarily, and, for those who need to stay longer, we provide Creole/French tutors.
Submission: THE CREOLE INSTITUTE accepts hard copies but encourages the submission of documents for translation in digital form to facilitate the translator's work. We are equipped to deal with documents in the most popular and current formats. Clients must select the format in which the translation should be returned.
Languages: The Institute translation team can currently translate into several languages, including English, French, Haitian Creole, Spanish, German, and Russian.
Creole Proficiency Test
The CREOLE INSTITUTE provides language proficiency testing in Haitian Creole for corporate, academic and government purposes. Test results may be used by universities to grant academic credit or award advanced placement. They may also be used for professional purposes, such as teacher certification or to establish linguistic competence for business objectives. Tests are given online throughout the year, or at any associate Language department at any partner university in North America and in Haiti.
Transcription and translation into Creole, of interviews, videos and other media is also available. Transcription prices are relative to the sound quality of the original media, and are in addition to translation costs. Prices for written translation vary according to language pair, urgency and technicality from $0.10 to $0.25 per word (USD).
We understand and promise the necessity to maintain absolute and perpetual confidentiality regarding any and all information or materials that may flow to me during the course of my preparation or work on written transcriptions of the contents of, including but not limited to audio transmissions, recordings, files, written documents of any nature, video, DVD, laser disk, film, data files or any other form of communication which is now in existence.
Verbal Translation is available for meetings, conferences, research interviews, etc. Prices for interpretation vary on the context, and type of translation required. As for interpretation we our team can perform simultaneous, sequential and whispering interpretation according to the need. Appropriate audio system may require additional fee for simultaneous interpretation. We provide interpreter both nationally and internationally.
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